Past President Spotlight

Sharon Eddings 2007 001

Sharon Eddings, PMN
2011 Texas State Chapter President
Village Realty, Conroe/Woodlands

Each quarter in 2014, we will feature one of our active state past presidents in our WCR Texas Newsletter.  Imagine that at the end of your presidential year, a time capsule had been created with information from your year and we have recently uncovered it. 


View pics from 2011 meetings & events at:

Pics from many years are posted on our State site, but for now…. look at the 2011 meeting pics!  Thanks Connie Parsons and Pat Farrell for keeping photo memories for us!

I.  Year as President

A.     Year as President:  2011

B.     Who were the line officers? 

PE- VaLois Hounsel
Secy- Jim Dambeck
Treasurer- Sylvia Seabolt
PP- Deborah Spangler

C.     How many Governors (3) and TDVP’s (6)with their names and Areas assigned within the state?

Sharon Morton, Governor Area A
(Abilene, El Paso, Odessa, Heart of Texas, Highland Lakes, Austin, Hill Country, San Antonio)

Patti St. Louis, Governor Area B
(NE Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Collin County, Dallas, Dallas Metro East, Southwest Dallas, Henderson County, Tyler)

Lois Malone, Governor Area C
(Montgomery County, Greater West Houston, Houston 1960, Lake Houston, Golden Triangle, Houston, Fort Bend, Bay Area, McAllen, Brownsville)

Karen Carlton, DVP Area A-1
Cathy Mitchell, DVP Area A-2
Gayle Loyd, DVP Area B-1
Cindie Stewart, DVP Area B-2
Virginia Grace Green, DVP Area C-1
Samantha Valle, DVP Area C-2

D.     When you were a Governor and/or TDVP; what areas/districts/chapters were assigned to you?

I served as Governor in 2007 for Area A, which at the time included: Highland Lakes, Austin, Hill Country, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, McAllen & Brownsville.

E.     How many members belonged to the state chapter?
1836 in February 2011, 1477 in September 2011.  Added 106 new members in Catch the Wave Summer Membership Drive.

F.     Name of home chapter – which offices did you Hold?: 
Montgomery County- President, PE, Secy, Treasurer, PP.  Enjoyed serving as Membership Chair for 2 years prior to becoming executive officer.  Served on multiple committees every year, and LOVED it.  I learned the business of the chapter by serving.

G.    Personal information:

1.  Husband, children, pets and where did you live?
Married to husband Layne for 25 years.  Celebrated our 22nd anniversary while hosting State Leadership/Membership Orientation at La Toretta on Lake Conroe!  Celebrated my 50th birthday while in Washington DC for National Meetings!

We have 4 grown children and 4 beautiful grandchildren from ages 8 to 8 months.  They are in San Antonio, Spring & Germany!

Proud Lifetime resident of Conroe, TX

2.  Employment:
Was with Exit Realty when I served as State President.  Exit graciously partnered with the State Chapter as Prime Strategic Partner.  Also publish Home Focus-The Woodlands real estate magazine, have for 15 years.  With Village Realty for 3 years now.

2.  2011 Leadership Orientation

2011 Leadership/Membership Orientation, TEXAS STYLE!
October 7-10, 2010 for 2011 held at La Torretta Resort & Spa, Montgomery, TX

A.  National president attend?
Y- Margo Wills was our incoming National President who attended & presented “Bringing It Home!” on the final day of Orientation.

B.   Special speaker or event?
Becky Hill, Deborah Spangler, Pat Farrell, Jo Ann Stevens, Mary Ann Jeffers, Linda Sheinall, Carol Reynolds, Carolyn Sutherlin, Charlene Lambert, Carolyn Wyckoff, all presented Chapter education sessions.  Ryan Bokros presented “The  New Way to Communicate to your Members: Effective Websites, Newsletters, FB Pages”

DVP’s gave an outstanding presentation on Membership

“Waltz Across Texas” Style Show organized by Connie Parsons.  2011 National President Margo Willis presented “Bringing It Home!” on the final day of orientation.

C.  What was the biggest problem?
So much vital information to be shared in so little time.  Schedule was FULL and members/leaders came away loaded with all the tools necessary to enjoy leading their chapters successfully.

D.  What was the highlight?
The closing session, overview of the entire meeting, seeing members responses to each portion of the Orientation. Greatly successful training!

3.  Best memories of 2011:
Visiting 24 of the 26 local chapters and meeting local members.  Everyone was glad to hear “The State of the State” facts and news.  Of course, TEXAS hospitality was amazing.  National President Margo Willis visited  5 of our local chapters in 2011.  Our leadership team shared the responsibility of travelling to those chapters to support them when President Margo was in town.

January 2011 Charter Celebration & Installation for the Heart of Texas Chapter, with over 100 in attendance including Travis Kessler TAR Chairman, and many state officers and members from chapters across the state, who were happy to celebrate with HOT WCR.

February 2011 TREPAC Celebrity Waiter Event, UNDER THE BIG TOP, WCR TEXAS STYLE exceeded our goals for raising TREPAC dollars while enjoying an incredible show.  Our Council’s relationship with TAR and TREPAC continues to grow and effect positive change in our profession.

All 26 local chapters were awarded Chapter Excellence Awards from National for providing member value.  As a result, our Texas State Chapter won Super Mega Chapter of the Year in 2011.  Great honor for our State and members!

Super dedicated State Committee Chairs and committee members who fulfilled and exceeded goals set forth for the year.  The accomplished this with Fun and Flair!

4.  Funniest memories of 2011:

National’s Leadership Academy.  Excited & pumped up to be serving as Faculty for the Academy and to be there with the incoming Presidents from TEXAS and across the nation.  My luggage did not arrive with me, so I purchased a few colorful WCR Bling T-Shirts to wear for the weekend!  Luggage finally showed up in the end.  Makeup from the grocery store was challenging!  It all worked out in the end.

Visiting Collin County and Dallas Chapters, when National President Margo was in town, I was happy to find a lovely shade tree to park under and keep my Jeep from heating up.  Governor Patti St.Louis and I laughed so hard when we returned outside to see how much bird poop was on the Jeep.  More bird poop than I have ever seen on one vehicle!

5.  Two most challenging issues of 2011:

Membership numbers and fundraising challenges faced by our local chapters.  State executive officers, Governors and District Vice Presidents, and our Chapter Assistance Team worked with chapters and their leaders to meet the challenges they were facing.  With the help of mentors and leaders, our chapters learned from the challenges and experienced growth in many ways from the process of working through those challenges.

II.  2014

1.  What is your current involvement with Women’s Council?
Parliamentarian for my local Montgomery County Chapter.  Serve on PP committee, Bylaws and Standing Rules committee and Ways and Means.  LOVE working with leaders who are eager to learn and grow through participating and serving Women’s Council.

  • Serve on Past Presidents Committee for WCR TEXAS and on National Focus Committee.

2.  What do you see as the future of Women’s Council?
Leaders and members who are younger than our standard numbers from the past, who have different styles of leadership and different ways to make things happen!  Membership will grow as we embrace the changing dynamics of our REALTOR(r) community.

3.  What are the most important issues facing us today? 
Continuing to provide member value to a changing style of agents.

4.  What “words of wisdom” would you give to our new members?
“Participate and serve, seek out mentors who have the best interest of WCR at heart, and you will learn, grow and thrive personally and professionally through your experiences.”  Sharon Eddings

If you decide to participate, even if only in a small way… WCR will help you define and reach your next level of achievement.

If you attend chapter meetings…we will help you acquire new skills to meet the changing environment.

If you make it a point to sit with people you don’t know… we will increase your referral business and, sometimes, become friends for life.

If you commit to attending one State conference…. we will show you role models who inspire and mentor.

If you volunteer for something…. we will give you meaningful, satisfying work that fits your schedule.

If you keep in touch with other members….we will encourage you when you are down and cheer you on when you succeed.

If you commit to attending one National meeting…. we will amaze you with the power for the total WCR experience.

WCR’s IF Promise!