June 30, 2012  Second Quarter Newsletter

Hot, Hot, Hot… WCR is muy caliente!   The slogan for our Summer Recruitment Contest well illustrates our current status with 21 local chapters winning GOLD, 4 local Chapters winning SILVER, and four Chapters of the Year Awards received at the WCR Mid Year Meeting!  Congratulations to all…

The Mid Year Meeting in DC was very successful. The new hotel proved to be an improvement with closer access to the NAR action, multitude of meetings rooms and an outdoor meeting area for networking.   The education sessions were outstanding with many of our Texas delegation involved in a variety of roles.

The 2nd quarter newsletter contains articles from sessions attended during the Mid Year Meeting.  We believe it is important to share the information/data learned with those that were unable to attend.  We are committed to 24/7 learning opportunities as afforded by our newsletter and website.

One of the favorite aspects of the role of president is the privilege of visiting the local chapters.  I have already visited several with more planned.  The hope is to visit all twenty-five chapters by the end of the year.

Our Facebook page continues to be very active with various items:  monthly leaders for our Membership Contest, Tools You Can Use, local chapter Entrepreneurs of the Year, new Faces of Texas every month in addition to the posts by the officers.  In July, our local chapter presidents will be posting in lieu of the State Officers.

Congratulations to the new slate for the 2013 State Chapter Officers.  Election will be held, September 8th at the Governing Board Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Plans are being made to make the Fall Conference – with our WCR University Fall Training Sessions, committee meetings, free 2 hour MCE class, Governing Board meeting and Installation of the 2013 State Officers – outstanding.  We need your help to make it all possible.

Until the end of the third quarter….  Remain committed to excellence.

VaLois Hounsel

2012 Texas State President



January 1, 2012

Welcome to our new website and the beginning of the New Year!  Thank you to Rosanna Hudson, Chair and Isaac Mahone, Vice Chair of the Technology Committee and their committee members for completing the task.  Www.WCRTexas.org will be the place where you can find everything that you need!  If not, let us know…


COMMUNICATION AND EDUCATION are the goals for 2012.  Education should be a member benefit.  The website gives us the engine needed for 24/7 access to information and learning in multiple formats.


On our state blog we will have periodically scheduled posts by our officers to share information from local chapter meetings as well as National.   We will highlight speakers, presentations, discussions and books from the outstanding meetings and conferences attended during the year.  We believe it is important to share the wealth of knowledge gained through our attendance at events.


Officer pictures and contact information will be due by January 15, 2012.  Members will have a site to search for local chapters as well as members at their fingertips.  The Governors will be responsible for collecting the data from the Local Chapter Presidents.  Please make this a priority in your chapters.


Come back often to visit and see the changes we are continually making to improve the experience.


VaLois Hounsel

2012 Texas State President