As the doors to the WCR University are closing for 2012,  it is difficult to believe that the year has ended and time to relinquish the reins to the 2013 Leadership Team who will do an outstanding job.  “Parting is such sweet sorrow” as wrote Shakespeare.

Our term papers (2012 Annual Reports) must be submitted by January 31st to the Dean’s Office (National in Chicago).  Our grading system is as follows:  “A”  (Gold) ; “B” (Silver); “C” (Submitted but no award) and “D”(Failure to Submit).   From our past records, the expectations are high.  Report cards will be sent around the first of April!

Thank you for the memories from the WCR University 2012 Leadership Orientation in Frisco, TX as well as our  2012 WCR University Training Sessions in the Spring and the Fall at our State Meetings.  Education has been our focus as we provided the tools and skills needed for our officers to be successful during the year.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as the 2012 Texas State President.  The journey has been challenging, providing growth opportunities and a better understanding of the power of relationships – our most important core value.

Thank you for the prayers and support during a difficult first year for Evan.   He continues to exceed our expectations,  making great strides and will celebrate his FIRST birthday on January 20th with a big party – a milestone we did not know if we would ever experience!

Our future is bright…. Join with the 2013 Leadership Team to implement the new Strategic Plan to improve chapter support and leadership development.