Focus on the Membership

Already!  OMG how time flies!  I can’t believe the first quarter of our year is over…

I have the pleasure to serve as Governor for Area B, which consists of 9 Chapters.  Our “Team” (Local Chapters, Led by dedicated Local Chapter Presidents) include: Brazos Valley – Amy Supak, LCP;  Central Texas – Stephanie Nash, LCP;  Collin County – Mary Nelson, LCP;  Dallas County – Janna Schick, LCP;  Dallas Metro East – Melinda Epps, LCP;  Greater Tarrant County – Peggy McCready, LCP;  Heart of Texas – Donna Hazlewood, LCP;  SW Dallas – Betty Mendoza, LCP;  Tyler Chapter – Amanda Davis, LCP;  Melissa Clinton, TDVP;  Sherry Jones; TDVP and Tanya Endicott, TDVP.  The beginning of the year was a flurry of Local Chapter Officer Installations that included celebrations and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!  Thank you for “stepping up”.  I’m looking forward to working with this awesome group.

Our Chapters have been hard at work planning their exciting year, with education, programs and networking on their Agenda.  Our Number 1 Goal is FOCUS ON THE MEMBERSHIP…. a Happy MEMBER equals RETENTION.   Area B has been busy planning a District Meeting to be held April 9th.  Each Chapter has been involved with planning of the event, from securing a venue to getting everyone out on time.  Free MCE is being offered, Sindy Ready our National President will be the Speaker at the luncheon. Anticipation is building in the Chapters.  A big THANK YOU to all that made the District Meeting a Success.   The Second Quarter promises to be exceptional with several great events planned by the Chapters.  Please be sure to check out the Local Chapter’s Websites to see what you want to participate in.  Come Join Us, It would be Great to see YOU.

It has been my pleasure to serve Area B.

Renee Coulson
2015 Area B Governor