Area B has been going full force during the second quarter of this year.   WCR ROCKS! was the theme for Area B District Meeting held on April 9th at Preston County Club in Dallas.   Area B Local Chapter Presidents collaborated over several weeks via weekly teleconferences and numerous emails to arrange this event.   Each Chapter was responsible for some aspect of the event from agendas, menu, protocol, etc.    Constant Contact held a Free 1 hour MCE Class “Power of Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents”.   Several members took advantage of this free education and learned how powerful email marketing can be for their business.   Our WCR National President Sindy Ready was the Guest of Honor and Speaker at the District Business Resource Meeting Luncheon.    She spoke of the Value of WCR and the growth that our organization has seen.

The 2015 Realtors Legislative Meeting and Trade Expo was held in Washington DC.   WCR National Meetings were held in conjunction and was extremely present at this event.   “Ignite Learning Series” was presented with 4 sessions/speakers running concurrently.   Networking, the latest Apps, communication, websites and other topics related to our business was the target for this series.    National WCR Governing Meeting was held, financials were reviewed, no new business.   Some lucky member won a Apple Watch for being in attendance.   (It wasn’t me).   Being these conference provides the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other Real Estate Professionals.    The Next National Meeting will be in San Diego, CA. November 15.    SEE YOU THERE.

Respectfully Submitted,

Renee Coulson
Governor – Area B