Area A Governor Report

I was asked to step into the governor’s position only about five weeks ago and my first duty was a district meeting in five weeks with full planning needed.  I was honored and up for the challenge.  To be honest my first interaction with the chapters and LCP’s was one concerning the upcoming district meeting.  I am confident through all of this that we have bonded!

I would like to share a bit of this meeting with you.  First, wow what an incredible group of LCP’s.  All were quick to respond, contributed and gave great ideas.  Seven stepped up to the plate as asked and handled their task fully.

The Austin chapter secured an incredibly beautiful venue, the Austin Board of REALTORS and not only was the setting perfect for this meeting but also it was at no charge.

Highland Lakes chapter secured our speaker who was with constant contact.  Two days before the event I received a text message from the LCP.   As I looked down while in a meeting with an agent and saw that our speaker has canceled my stomach sank.  I had to take a break from speaking with the agent so I could read the complete text message.  Not only did she share with me that the speaker had canceled but more importantly she shared that she had already found a solution.

The Hill Country chapter was asked to take on the responsibility of being our district treasurer.  They handled this task so well which also included working our registration table, and keeping all of our sign in sheets organized so that the McAllen chapter could have them to do all of the introductions at the beginning of the meeting.

The McAllen chapter kicked off our district meeting with an absolutely fabulous skit that was so appropriate.  I asked them to make it happen and they were up to the task.  Thank you McAllen chapter, you did a great job with the skit and the introductions.  They had nine members travel to the district meeting.

The El Paso chapter followed by leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and also delivering a great inspiration.  The chapter LCP suggested that we ask representative Joe Pickett to be one of our speakers.  She was able to secure this for us and he provided a legislative update. It was a very special moment because one of our own members is his son and he introduced his father for the first time ever.

With the change in our speaker, it created a bit of a change in our agenda.  The San Antonio chapter stepped up to the plate and filled in the time as needed.  They introduced our state strategic partners, participated in our drawings and also our closing.

We had such cute motivational table decorations that also became our door prizes.  The Abilene LCP put all of this together and also put together our networking portion of the district meeting.  Apparently it was well received because we’ve had several ask her for the information on how to do it.

I am proud, I’m excited, and I can report to you that Area A is filled with great leadership.

Respectfully submitted,

Robbie Fenn
2015 Governor Area A