Area A Governor’s 2015 2nd Quarter Newsletter

I traveled to the WCR National MidYear Meetings in May and was honored to be part of the 2015 National Steering Committee.    My duties included hosting the Game Changer Session; I introduced the game that focused on embracing our value and selling it to our customers. 

The Game Changer Session and the national speaker lineup were outstanding.   The setup ofhaving the speakers change rooms instead of the members was very well received.  The sessions included: 

1. Coaching for Women Leaders -­‐ Chris Jahnke speaker, coach and author -­‐ she’s a big deal!!      She coached Michelle Obama on public speaking.  Tables then participated in a Leadership Skills Training Module

2. The Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate Video Marketing -­‐ Nobu HataMembers produced a quick video at their tables

3. Pili Meyer -­‐ Emotions and Logic: Understanding Your NegotiationsMembers participated in a negotiating networking activity

4. Joseph Rand -­‐ Hometown Hero: Hyper Local MarketingI was honored to be able to lead the Members who participated in a hyper-­‐local marketing networkingactivity.  About 150 in attendance. 

In the afternoon I attended the National Awards and Meet the Candidates.  Immediately following was our Regional 9 Committee meeting.  I was honored to be part of electing the new RVP from Louisiana, Cindy Callais and Sharon Morton as our alternate.  We voted on an assessment of $3/member for the Region 9 budget.  Beth Fitzgerald was elected to serve on the budget committee.  It was also reported that Christy Stratton would be teaching a class in Dallas at Champion Real Estate at 9 on June 26 in Plano -­‐Success Through Business Etiquette. 

I spoke at one of the Ignite Learning Series sessions.   My topic with the fun title of “Not Your Momma’s Networking” was about the value we can exchange within our chapters -­‐ how we can connect, build, and learn from our newest members.   Nationally we are trying to move away from mentoring so we can begin to focus on the value each member brings.   I developed an activity where each person at the table was given a question that would be put on one resume’.  The resume’ became one person to show the power of all.  It was well received.  I had three State Presidents ask me for the program so they can use it for stateorientation and about 30 others ask for the information for their local chapters.

I also took part in the Governing Board meeting as a Texas Governor.  Highlights included:Judy Moore RPAC co-­‐chair shared with us that in 2014 WCR had 48% participation.   As of today for 2015we are already at 47% participation. 196 WCR members are part of the Elite President’s Circle and 92members are part of the RPAC Hall of Fame.   RPAC is the largest trade association PAC in the USA.  There are two people running for National Financial Secretary -­‐ Heather Orzo from CA and Diana Braunfrom NC -­‐ Heather came out of nominating.   There was no new business and nothing to be voted on.

I attended the Austin Governing Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 19.  Highlights included:

  • There was discussion by all committee chairs and a quorum was in effect.   13 members were in attendance.  I was quite impressed by the overall quality of conversation and unity of the Governing Board.
  • They held a Nite at the Races event which was successful.
  • Upcoming Events:   CHL class on the 26th.    This is $50 for the members and any family members.    It is $100 total but the chapter is paying for half.   Blingo Bingo will be held on June 10 and is amembership drive.
  • They are having an internal membership drive contest.
  • The First Quarter audit is complete and was turned in at the meeting for recording purposes.

My visits took me next to Abilene Chapter on June 2 for their Governing Board meeting. Highlights included:

  • Discussion of renting a van for the State WCR meetings in Aug/Sept so all members can ride together, network and bond.   GREAT IDEA!
  • 27 REALTOR members, 5 National Affiliate Members, 41 local affiliate members – 73 total members.  There will be a membership drive held on June 8 at a member’s home andeveryone will enjoy dinner and Bunco.
  • Rounding out the year with programs includes:
    • June program will be a lender panel on the new HUD changes.
    • State President Cathy Mitchell will be at the July meeting and she is the program on publicspeaking.
    • August will be a motivational speaker.
    • September is a joint meeting the local Association of REALTORS.
    • October will a ‘Barbie’ meeting.
    • November I will present the program I presented nationally in DC.

Next was Highland Lakes on June 11 for their Governing Board meeting.

  • The President and President Elect will be attending National WCR meetings in San Diego.
  • Their installation had been scheduled for Dec 3 from 6-­‐9 PM at the Country Club.
  • The President Elect will be attending Leadership Academy in Chicago.
  • Their first audit for the year has been completed and the 2nd is scheduled.
  • There will be a Mystery Dinner Theater held in October.     No alcohol will be provided.     The theme is Speak Easy.   They have contacted the local high school music department to see if the students can be involved to be the singers for the Speak Easy.   It will be held the week before Halloween.

Thank you for allowing me to serve on both a state and national level. It is an honor that I truly appreciate.

Respectfully submitted, 

Robbie Fenn
Governor – Area A