National Focus Member Spotlight

1st Quarter 2015


Rodney Rowan
Dallas Metro East Chapter 
2015 VP of Membership
2012 President

Rodney Rowan is a member of the Dallas Metro East Chapter having held many offices including 2012 President; currently serving as the 2015 VP of Membership.  He is a US ARMY Veteran;  he and his wife, Jill, have a nine year old son named Cameron; and is celebrating 20 years in real estate.

Interview questions:

1)  Since joining in 2007, my networking circle has grown all over the state of Texas and the nation!  I have life-long friends from all over because of WCR.  I have sent and received referrals from agents I would never have known if it wasn’t for WCR.  My business has definitely benefited from being a WCR member.

2)  WCR training allows me to learn and grow.  From how to get involved to how to run a meeting properly.  I feel confident speaking to any size group because of my WCR involvement.  Working on my PMN designation.

3)  I recommend to any new agent – JOIN WCR TODAY!  WCR offers mentoring, networking, and classes.  And, FUN along the way!  The benefits are well worth the small amount to join.  WCR and all that it has to offer builds confidence.  WCR also gives you a sense of belonging and we help out in the community.


Rodney Rowan, GRI