2014 for the State Chapter as well as our Local Chapters truly began at our in-depth Leadership Orientation in October 2013 where we identified the following for the Texas State Chapter:


  • Deliver systems and coaching that enable local chapters to provide consistent value to members
  • Serve as a resource and model of excellence in operations for local chapters
  • Reflect and reinforce the WCR mission, vision, values and goals through communication, services and operations

Essential Roles:

  • Educator
  • Communicator
  • Leadership Development
  • Liaison to Industry

Then from November to January, the State Officers held four 2-1/2 day retreats for the purpose of developing our 2014 State Business Plan from our new Strategic Plan, delineating our State Objectives, training for our new positions, identifying methods of reinforcing the value of our Council, planning for our February District & Winter meetings and creating our new State Mission Statement

Through relationships, communication, relevant programs, in-depth training and education, the State Chapter provides a Chapter centric focus creating leadership potential and value to bring  about integrity, respect and accountability fostering unity within the State.

Further, we identified a need for the new position of State Coordinator – which was then approved at our February Governing Board meeting.  The Coordinators are identified within this Newsletter, so reach out to them if they can assist with your Website, Face Book page or where to find tools and templates-these are just a few of their responsibilities.  Below you will also see the State Organization Chart showing the flow chart of committees and liaisons as well as our State Area Map identifying Areas, Districts, Governors, District Vice Presidents, Chapters, Local Chapter Presidents and chapter website addresses.

Our “Super” District Meeting consisted of a phenomenal line-up of Speakers: Terri Murphy, noted author & NAR consultant, from Tennessee; Katrina Barnes, 2012 TAR Educator of the Year; and Tracey Blackwell, certified DISC personality consultant.  The Local Chapter Presidents gave an update on their chapter programs, events and goals which garnered applause from the attendees.  Governors, District Vice Presidents and State Coordinators met with their Local Area Officers & Committees who shared their strengths, weaknesses, goals, needs and dreams!

The Winter Meeting included “Area” break-out sessions lead by our State Governors and District Vice Presidents, with assistance from our State Coordinators, which covered an overview of Business Planning, Value Package, Programs, Recruiting and Retention.  While a few of our State Committees met via teleconference, most of them met during the Winter Meeting.  All committees worked on their goals for achieving their 2014 charges and reported the same at our Governing Board Meeting.  A special thank you to Melissa Elizondo, our State Ways and Means Chair, and her entire committee for putting together one of our most exciting and fun Celebrity Waiter Events benefitting TREPAC – “Like, Totally 80’s”.  During our Awards Luncheon, we celebrated the members who made a significant contribution to our Council. Congratulations to:  Corie Boldt, 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year; Jo Ann Stevens, 2013 Member of the Year; and Susie Sheffield, 2013 Affiliate of the Year. 

This year’s State Theme is all about the Chapters and Members…….Celebrating You!

A big Shout Out and Congratulations goes to:

  • Highland Lakes Chapter, currently #1 in the State for Retention
  • Collin County Chapter and Great Northwest Chapter currently “tied” for #1 in the State for Recruiting
  • Stephanie Finch, WCR Houston Chapter President-Elect, who was recently honored as one of the 2014 “30 under 30” by REALTOR® Magazine
  • Kristee Leonard, WCR Austin Chapter member, who was recently honored as one of the 2014 “30 under 30” by REALTOR® Magazine
  • Note:  We will be recognizing all of the 2013 Chapter Excellence Award Winners in our 2nd Quarter Newsletter (after our Annual Meeting in DC)!

Make sure to let the State Officers or State Coordinators know of any special awards and/or recognition your members receive so we may Give Recognition and Celebrate their achievements!

Our Executive Team, State Officers, State Coordinators, State Committee Chairs and Chapter Assistance Training Team (CATT) are committed to our Chapters and our Members!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us if we may assist in any way! 

We will be Celebrating You & Your 2013 Accomplishments at our May Women’s Council  Conference in Washington DC…see you there!

Sharon Morton
2014 Texas State President
Women’s Council of REALTORS®