WCR Members as Business Leaders

Our Members are definitely leaders in the REALTOR® family.  Here is some current information shared by Jo Ann Stevens, 2015 WCR National Financial Secretary and Texas Past State President:

  • In NAR’s 800 member Board of Directors this year, 199 are WCR Members – or 25% – and we are only 1% of NAR’s overall membership.
  • 324 WCR Members are on NAR committees this year and there are 691 appointment slots held by WCR members – so that means our members typically hold multiple appointments.  There are 3,000 committee appointments at NAR, which means our Members hold 23% of those slots.
  • At the recent NAR leadership summit in Chicago where incoming REALTOR® Association Leaders attend, 175 out of the 1,500 attendees were WCR Members.  Having 10% of our Membership in REALTOR® Association Leadership roles next year is important and impressive.

Today, Women’s Council is the twelfth largest U. S. women’s professional organization and has one of the most successful communication networks in the NAR family.  Chapters include real estate professionals who support the objectives of Women’s Council and are interested in the industry, the community, and fellow REALTORS®

  • Total current Members:  11,000
  • Number of Local Chapters:  238
  • Average Chapter Size:  39 members
  • Number of State Chapters:  24
  • Percentage of Members who referred business to another member tow or more times annually:  40%
  • Annual Value of WCR-to-WCR commission on average = $19,040

Join with me to get the message out that our members ARE business leaders!  Share this information with your Local REALTOR® community, Local Chapter members when renewing and prospective members when recruiting!

It is my honor and privilege to serve,

Sharon Morton
2015 National Regional Vice President, Region 9