AREA B – District 5 is highly energetic and “on the move”

I’m excited to report that:

Brazos Valley currently has 44 members. They have a great, energetic new Vice President of membership, Kathy Turner, and they are looking forward to some great new program ideas as well as retention ideas. For example: a dress for success, a techie class plus a broker and lender panel during their business resource meetings. Their Governor, Marty Chrisman, and I traveled to College Station and did a half day business planning session with their Governing Board.

Central Texas currently has 46 members and their goal is a total of 50.  The Chapter’s main focus is to bring their two Real Estate Boards together as part of their membership.  They are planning on doing this through different Membership mixers – concentrating on building strong relationships – and dynamic programming.   Andrea Thompson, Vice President of Membership who offers great ideas and lots of energy, is leading the charge to reach their membership goal.

Heart of Texas has a dynamic team in place and currently has 41 members.  Roman Novian, Vice President of Membership, is new to their chapter and this position.  I just have to give him kudos for jumping in with both feet.  The Chapter is implementing a style show & coaching by a stylist, as well as a downtown Waco tour with the Chamber of Commerce.  They plan to seek our 5 new members as well as 5 specialty members and their plan is to do this through partnering with different organizations to offer MCE & GRI classes.

Sheila Moran
District Vice President
Area B – District 5