2nd Quarter Report

Sheila Moran – Area B District Vice President

I’m happy to report from the stomping grounds of AREA B:

Brazos Valley under the charge of their Vice President of Membership, Kathy Turner, has increased their membership as well as increased their REALTOR® percentage versus the Affiliate percentage.  I know they have had a smashing success with their “Success Summit 2014- Strategies to triple your bottom line”.  They have a handful of Membership Mixer’s as well as events planned!  Congratulations to Brazos Valley Chapter for winning the State Membership Retention Contest in May for small chapters!

Central Texas has been busy!  Not only have they celebrated their 1 year anniversary as a Chapter they celebrated with a Birthday Bash in June!  They have increased their membership totals and have put on many different events that have included a make-over session plus photography session in April, and in May hosted a “Is your life balanced” seminar for their membership.    Many of their members just graduated from the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program which I’m sure only helped strengthen their membership bonds as well as help identify new membership leaders!  Congratulations to the Central Texas Chapter for winning the State Membership Retention Contest in June for small chapters!

Heart of Texas has had some re-adjustment of their membership all the while increasing their REALTOR® to Affiliate ratio.  Way to go!  They by far have had the biggest increase in this department.  They started the quarter out right with a New Membership Mixer in May followed by a “Getting to know Generation Y” resource meeting”.  As always this Chapter, puts their HEART where their membership is!

Sheila Moran