Area C District Vice Presidents have given a very good overview of our Chapters’ happenings, so now we will concentrate on the VALUE of Women’s Council with regard to Business Building Opportunities, Forming Relations within our Profession and Achieving Life Balance as a Business Professional.

Business Building Opportunities:

  • Be more successful and earn more money by applying lessons learned from programs delivered during business meetings, including a variety of topics to help you.

  • Remain up to date on information you need and use every day.

  • Give and receive referrals to/from other Council members across the Country by utilizing the online referral tool where you can view members’ specialties, market areas served, and other relevant information.

  • Fulfill your licensing requirements more easily with free and/or low cost continuing education offerings.

  • Get advice from some of the best real estate professionals in the U.S. through free and/or low cost online webinars.

  • Improve your business as you learn about goal setting, business planning, budgeting, working as a team and applying your chapter experience to your real estate practice.

  • Connect directly with real estate professionals around the State and the U.S. to cultivate referrals from around Texas and the Country.

    Forming Relationships within the Profession

  • Meet similarly minded people on local, state and national levelS – those committed to the real estate profession.

  • Interact with leaders in the real estate profession across the State.

  • Make your real estate practice easier by establishing relationships with people engaged locally in all aspects of real estate and creating working relationships with them.

  • Forge relationships or a lifetime.

    Achieving Life Balance as a Business Professional

  • Learn to tend to all aspects of your life to be a balanced, well rounded real estate professional.

  • Learn systems that put you ahead not only in money, but in working with professionals who will save you time and energy.

  • Engage in your community and improve lives through outreach projects.

  • Have FUN! 

Women’s Council Core Values are:  Professional Credibility, The Power of Relationships, Leadership, Diversity, Involvement, Success and Influence

Membership Renewal Invoices will be sent out in November 2014!


In your service,

Sheila Moran
Governor – Area C