The 12 gifts you receive as a State Officer

of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®

#1     LEADERSHIP:  Either you are part of it, learning from it, or learning how to be it.

#2    FRIENDSHIPS:  You don’t realize it is happening.  There are people that you immediately connect with, some you don’t ever think that you will connect with and then something happens and voila—instant  kinship.

#3    TRUST:  It’s something that is built over time, through working together on projects, learning, round table discussions and private conversations.

#4    FUN:  It’s just inevitable that whenever a good group of people are gathered that FUN is going to happen.  Some of it can be divulged and some, well, just can’t.

#5    REFERRALS:  Yes, it’s stupendous when this happens!

#6    NETWORKING:  While different than referrals this is invaluable when it comes to making those business connections.

#7    USING YOUR STRENGTHS:  What I like about this is that if a member’s strengths are not being used in the Local Chapter I can guarantee the State will seek it out and ask for help.  What a better way to sharpen your skills?

#8    TIME MANAGEMENT:  If you haven’t figured this out before becoming a State Officer I guarantee you someone will help you find your way, or you will figure out what needs to happen and when!

#9    BUDGETING SKILLS:  If you weren’t the Treasurer in your local Chapter nor have very good skills at balancing your checkbook, you will learn how to make the money stretch and then stretch again.  It’s a good lesson!

#10  POLITICS:  If you normally stick your head in the sand and don’t pay attention then you will be lost.  But, if you are keen you will watch your fellow Members and how good they are at politics when it comes to our election time.  This in itself is invaluable when seeking other offices.

#11  PROBLEM SOLVING:  Nothing is cooler than this.  When you have an issue or you’re trying to help someone with an issue in their Chapter, there are tons of people to seek advice and/or counsel from.

#12  SHINING STAR:  If you’re a little rusty around the edges or not sure of your place, I guarantee you that the “gifts” you will receive by being a State Officer will help your Star shine a little brighter.

It has been an honor to serve,

Sheila Moran
Governor – Area C