National Focus Member Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2015 Newsletter

Sheila Moran3

Sheila Moran
San Antonio Chapter

Mother of 2 teenagers, Trenton & Stratton

I have worked in the real estate industry since 1987.  My first job was an office manager for a large real estate company that handled over 12 “flips” a month.  Besides overseeing the money aspect of budgets, contractors & deadlines I sure did learn a lot about the rebuilding process, dealing with contractors, timing, color schemes and successfully managing projects of this sort.  The experience I received from this position is something I still use to this day.

 1.      What impact has membership in Women’s Council has on your personal and professional lives?

Women’s Council has brought so much depth to my life.  When I look back on this journey that started when I became a member in 2001 I had no idea the wonderful relationships that it would help build.  I have made some lifelong friends, learned a great deal about myself and others & team building.  On a professional level the referrals that I have been blessed with sure are a nice bonus.  Stretching and growing are two constants in my life and Women’s Council has always been able to help me in this endeavor.

 2.      What skills have you developed as a result of your membership in Women’s Council?

I think being involved has definitely made me listen to other members’ input and value their opinion.  Even if it’s different than mine I know that when I have really stepped back and taken note it has helped me make the best decision for the Chapter, State or myself.

 3.      How would you describe Women’s Council to someone considering membership?  What are the benefits?

When I talk to people about Women’s Council I always invite them first.  I think a lot of times you can over talk to someone about a certain topic, but inviting them and having them experience it for themselves is the best way to tackle this.  The benefits are many of the things that I have mentioned before.  Benefits they aren’t even realizing that could be theirs from joining.  Many benefits include: mentorship, education, team building, and business building and of course the referrals!