Area B-4 2nd Quarter 2015 Report

I am delighted with my Chapters for this year.  I have had a great time getting to know all of them and being a part of their Chapter in this great organization. Everyone is doing such a great job coming together and making it happen for his or her Chapter.

Their membership lunches and mixers have been off the chart.  Who would not want to be a part of the organization?  The atmosphere is filled with vitality, excitement and a powerful message about Women’s Council of Realtors.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Dallas Metro Eastis dedicated to their theme for the year,  “Be Seen In 2015”.  Every second Monday of the month they are faithfully having their Mixer/MCE at Mellow Mushroom.  Great venues to draw realtors in and at the same time earn an hour of MCE credit. All of this in the name of WCR.  New members are being recognized at every Mixer.  Their main fundraiser, which is a Fashion Show salsa style in scheduled for September, which they are already geared up for.

Southwest Dallas – This Chapter’s theme is, “Elevating Your Power”.  There have been a lot of struggles with the officers of this Chapter, but they have remained intact and pulled it off.  Two President-Elects have stepped down due to life situations and the President recently lost her sister unexpectedly and gained custody of her children. Someone stepped up to the plate and carried on in each line of duty.  The goal was a 50% increase of members and, they are half way there. A New Members/Mixer Orientation is scheduled for 6/25/15 which will be the second one this year. There are people wanting to join because they see what we do and a perfect example of that was the main fundraiser, which took, place 6/16/15.  The theme was “Parade of Cultures”.

Tyler – has a very energetic president and her energy bounces off on anyone who enters the room.  She makes you want to be a part of WCR. The line officers fall right in line with her. They had their pinning ceremony for all new members during the month of May. Their membership has increased tremendously and is still growing because of what that WCR chapter is doing and leading by example. Their main fundraiser “Bras for the Cause” is scheduled for November.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sherry Jones
2015 TDVP – Area B-4