Area B – District 4 Chapters are really “working it”!

The Dallas Chapter is off to a great start. They have a strong executive team that is working together to bring value to their membership. They have 4 membership mixers planned that are geared around a holiday or seasonal event: 1st Qtr – St. Patty’s Day, 2nd Qtr – Kentucky Derby Day, 3rd Qtr. – Back to School, 4th Qtr – Gift Card Christmas Tree. They have a purse raffle going and will have a wine tasting and MCE class both in May. And as part of their tradition, will have their High Tea in October.

Dallas Metro East is also concentrating on finding ways to increase their membership. After their first meeting of the year, they had 3 new realtor members and 1 new affiliate. The executive line is working together to bring value to members as well. They have 2 casino trips planned, a style show in the fall, a wine pull and an iPad raffle.

The Tyler chapter has a new attitude and things are looking good! The February luncheon speaker was Skip Ogle and held a membership mixer on February 20th at the Keys Piano Bar. March 6th they held an “Electric Run”.  Over the last few weeks, members have begun to renew their membership and they expect to have 32 members by the end of April. The leadership team is focused on bringing value to the membership and has a meeting scheduled to develop an action plan to get more renewals by months end.

It is my honor to serve,

Susan Mack
District Vice President
Area B – District 4