Area B – District 4 3Q14 Report

Vice President of Membership, Kyle Smith, had good news to report on the Tyler County Chapter.  The chapter now has 30 REALTOR members!  Way to go Tyler County!  They held 5 membership mixers and all well attended with more than 60 realtors showing up for the social.  They are using a variety of venues, some with live music and high energy to encourage new members to join.

Dallas Metro East has a new President-elect.  Her name is Terri Miller and she has also put on the hat of VPM temporarily to help the chapter keep on track with growing their membership as well.  They have 21 REALTOR members and are planning a membership mixers and possibly one more fund raiser to encourage that growth to continue.

Veronica Taylor, VPM for Dallas Chapter, also had good news to report.  The Dallas Chapter is strong with 79 REALTOR members.  The chapter held a mixer in one of their member’s listing – an underground house.  Their July membership mixer was an Art Festival and are planning Halloween themed mixer for October.  Members are working hard to get their numbers up and will plan a food collection drive for the local food banks in November.

Great job guys!  Go out and inspire someone!

Susan Mack
2014 District Vice President Area B-4