Area A, District 2 Quarterly Chapter Highlight

I cannot believe we are already drawing to an end of the first quarter of 2014. This first quarter always presents great learning opportunities for the new line officers taking over Women’s Council responsibilities. Each chapter experiences this on a different level no matter how smooth the handoff is. But, then you take those learnings, apply them to good use in your chapter and you end up with a stronger and wiser chapter. I personally have seen great growth from all of my awesome area A  District 2 chapters which include Abilene, Brownsville, El Paso and McAllen.

I thought I would take each quarter and do a highlight of something awesome that happened in one of my chapters and introduce you to them in a more “in depth” level. For this quarter we will focus on the Women’s Council of REALTORS® El Paso Del Norte Chapter. 

El Paso Del Norte is off and running with strong and enthusiastic leadership. The chapter decided one element they would focus on would be to bring back all of their precious past presidents.  They put together a wine and cheese past president brainstorming session and invited all of the previous El Paso Del Norte Women’s Council presidents. Prior to this meeting they created a survey and during the brainstorming session they asked each past president their input on questions. Some of the questions asked included previous strategic partners, program ideas during their time on the line and membership retention and building ideas. During this brainstorming session current line officers were able to hear firsthand what has been successful in previous years for their chapter and also what did not do so well and why.

This was invaluable information and accomplished two major goals. One, current line officers gained knowledge of the chapter and its history. And two, they got the precious past presidents excited and thinking about the chapter again while letting them know they are still valued. Past presidents were also encouraged to bring any documents from the time which they were president that may not have been retained by the chapter. The El Paso Del Norte chapter was able to regain boxes of information that they previously did not know existed.  These documents have now been uploaded into the cloud and will be available for future line officers.

At the end of the meeting all of the precious past presidents were given a schedule of upcoming meetings and events and pinned with a past president’s pin El Paso Del Norte chapter ordered off of the National Women’s Council website.  Many chapters lose touch with their past presidents and the insight they bring to the table for the current line. Way to go El Paso Del Norte Women’s Council for recognizing their value and bringing your past presidents back into the fold!

It is my honor to serve,

Tanya Endicott
District Vice President
Area A, District 2