Area A Highlight on McAllen Chapter

Tanya Endicott – Area A District Vice President

We are now half way through 2014’. The second quarter has flown by and each chapter’s officers are settling into their role and responsibilities. Most likely the overwhelmed feeling you experienced at the beginning of the year is fading and you are deciding what you can bring to the position you accepted and how you can improve on what each officer has done before you.  You are entering the fun phase of the year when you can speak with confidence and knowledge about your chapter and the value you can bring to your Real Estate community. With that I am again going to highlight one of my  awesome area A chapters which include Abilene, Brownsville, El Paso and McAllen For this quarter we will focus on the Women’s Council of Realtors McAllen chapter. 

McAllen has some very strong chapter leaders and this year has seen its share of challenges. One of the most pressing they have faced was with their membership. The board met in the early part of the first quarter and decided it was time to get back to the basics. As a chapter they implemented “The task is to ask” and have used their events (which bring in agents and affiliates alike) to gather information and add it to their database. Their VP of Membership, Ramon Pecina III “Nacho”, shared with me that one strategy they have at their events is they are on a mission to collect information so they can reach out and share WCR with whoever attends. They have gone through their previous member roster and established a calling tree to bring those members back into the fold. And, this has paid off in a big way….

McAllen has continually had over 60 members in attendance at their monthly resource meetings (BRM). This past June’s meeting saw almost 100 in attendance as their guest speaker , the new mayor Jim Darling, spoke regarding changes to the city and new development on its way in. Not only has McAllen seen success in their BRMs but to this day  their membership numbers have increased by 100% and counting! One of the big things they have focused on is that membership is everyone’s job and this chapter is united in its goal.

They have some very exciting events coming up and I encourage you to check out their facebook site at . They are getting ready to do their 2nd annual Margarita salsa off and have added comedy to the event. It will be held on July 17th. This will be an outdoor event and many are expected to be in attendance. If you are planning on being in the area put this on your list.