Area A Highlight on Cameron County Chapter

(formerly Brownsville Chapter)

We are now three quarters of the way through 2014. The second half of the year is flying by and each chapter’s officers are setting their sights on next year and tasks that need to be completed by the end of this year. The overwhelmed feeling each officer experienced has gone and you are thriving in your roll and wondering how your year has flown by so quickly.  You are in the fun phase of the year when you can speak with confidence and knowledge about your chapter and the value you can bring to your Real Estate community. You may have even decided, as many do, that you want to continue moving up the line and looking forward to training your replacement and learning about your new role. I know my Awesome Area A chapters certainly are! My chapters include Abilene, Cameron County, El Paso and McAllen. If you missed last quarter’s newsletter I am highlighting something awesome that happened in one of my chapters and introduce you to them in a more “in depth” level.  For this quarter we will focus on the Women’s Council of REALTORS® Cameron County Chapter.

The Cameron County Chapter, formerly the Brownsville Chapter, has had a strong year and enthusiastic leadership. The governing board met in May and it was decided to ask the chapter members to vote affirmative to change the chapter’s name to Women’s Council of REALTORS® Cameron County Chapter.  This was done so that they could open their membership to outlying areas around Brownsville and encourage them to get involved in what they could now call “their” Women’s Council chapter.  And they have seen success in growing their numbers as they have grown their numbers by 100%. Congratulations to the Cameron County Chapter for their vision to include other cities that can benefit from what Women’s Council has to offer!  Right now they are preparing for their silent auction that they do every year in conjunction with their Brownsville-S. Padre Island Board of Realtors. This will be held on October 23rd. If you are interested in going tickets are $20 and include dinner.  They are looking forward to next year, adding value to their programs and growing their numbers even more!

Tanya Endicott
Texas District Vice President –  Area A District 2